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Please check out our blog (where we try to keep our friends and families up to date on the infastructure we are building and goings on around the "estate"), some of our talented and hardworking past residents, and some of the other artists, thinkers and grassroots initiatives in the neighborhood

past residents and guests:





Amitis Motevalli
Dan S. Wang
Asa Sonjasdotter
Marshall Brown



Benjamin Maddox


Sarah Cox
writer, editor
Sarah sought to learn more about Detroit when she pursued an MFA at the School of Visual Arts Program in Design Criticism in New York. Having chosen to focus on Urban Design, she is interested in the somewhat unique challenge that Detroit is facing with the shrinkage of the city's population and the plans to deal the resultant vacancy. Upon graduating she moved to our fair city to found the Curbed Detroit blog, and is now the editorial director for all the local Curbed sites, which focus on real estate, development, and architecture. Sarah is very active in the local community and helped found the "Write-a-House" program which aims to bring more writers to this fine Banglatown neighborhood. 

2010, 2013
ok so maybe they are from LA, and maybe they do wear matching tracksuits, and maybe they are smart, prone to activism and use computers from time to time - but give them a fighting chance already! FS is just plain fun and they're smart folks, thoughtful, armed with computers, elastic social strategies and a good heaping helping of well-socialized man-vibe! their projects are really too far-reaching for me to try to write a witty synopsis.

Helene Renard
architect, feltmaster
A brilliant architect / feltmaster, Helene has spent the last ten years entranced by the material of felt.  She began by exploring the material potential of this lowly material, created by sheep and formed by heat and water, in graduate school with an archetectural study based on the needs of an imaginary client, agoraphobic botonist: the Mona Lisa, who needed a comforting spot in her walls to put her face when she had an agoraphobic attack. 


Christine Tarkowski
artist, religion-builder
she makes posters, 7" records AND declares herself a religion-builder - whoa! she is wicked sharp, has super great insightful questions and loves high-efficiency lightbulbs! what residency program wouldn't want her? i know she did kohler recently, was once artist in residence at MIT and among other things piquing our curiosity is that she was once the subject of an article titled “Christine Tarkowski’s Rigid Views on Decay”


musician, composer, sound artist
we just can't say enough about the sonic magic of Wayne J Grim Jr - pure goodness, true grit, and creative umph. his diverse works include both very short and very long term projects alike, including scoring silent films for ensembles, creating RUST, a generative new media composition piece (imagine non-looping sonic wallpaper for your desktop) designed as a freestanding player, ( ( playing guitar, a shoebox, or a variety of other instruments in a wide array of ensembles and one-night improvisations and spontaneous compositional throw-downs, as well as an ongoing collaborative and permanently unfinished album of duos called BUDDY WEED JR.


Abigail Satinsky
curator, art historian
Abby is a powerhouse of curatoral and arts admin action.  She is one of the founding members of InCUBATE, Chicago--think soup!--, works with Harold Arts and has recently returned from a fellowship at the John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities at Brown University.  In short she is a visionary in the contemporary art world and may quite possibly assist us in deciding on a future dflux admin / operational structure - practically exotic!


Shannon Stratton
writer, critic, co-founder, director of threewalls chicago
we're getting visited by a walking warehouse of brainpower! we're talking conceptually large here, gargantuan scholarship and enough umph to collaborate, publish, curate a show or two, lecture on craft theory and then go have breakfast. she's super busy with threewalls, teaching at SAIC and making her own work in her 'down time' (?) among other things, so we're stoked to have her join us and try to wrap her head around the city of the future!


did we forget you blaaarrg!? sorry and please let us know - we are still overwhelmed!

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more coming soon!