Inspired and influenced by numerous Detroit-local initiatives such as the Motor City Blight Busters, Detroit Tree of Heaven Woodshop, the Greening of Detroit and its affiliated Garden Resource Program, Dflux will model its collective course of action based on the successes and inherent possibilities of said influences.

Critical texts such as Richard Sennet's "The Craftsman", Deleuze & Guitarri's "Thousand Plateaus", notably the 'Smooth and the Striated" and "the Rhizome" as well as select readings from post-organic-farmer Joel Salatin, Helen & Scott Nearings "The Good Life" and James Howard Kunstler's "Geography of Nowhere" will serve as the starting point for our research library and alternative economic structures will be considered as well.

All told, we will attempt in whatever way possible to chart a course for further research, future strategies and anyone willing to join us.